Frequently asked questions

You'll find here answers to questions which are ofter asked to us.

When is the festival ?

From the 5th September to the 29th September 2018

Where does it take place ?

The concerts take place at Jacobins Cloister, at St Pierre des Cuisines, at the Halle aux Grains, at l'Escale in Tournefeuille, at Altigone in St Orens and at la Cité de l'espace.

How to book a place ?

You could book to the Festival Office, to the Fnac, by phone (0 826 30 36 36) or by internet at

How to contact us ?

By phone at 05 61 22 40 05 or by mail at

Where going to pick up my tickets?

It could either be at the Festival Office or directly at the concert hall the evening of the concert.

Who organise the festvial ?

Catherine d'Argoubet and Paul-Arnaud Péjouan are the Festival directors and founders.